Quiz: Can you Name that Disney Princess

name that disney princess quiz


Can you Name that Disney Princess Quiz

We all love the fantastic Disney movies, and each of us has certainly dreamed of being Belle or Sleeping Beauty at some point. But can you name all of the Disney Princesses in one image? If you want to find out how well you know the Princesses, take the Disney Princesses quiz here!


What makes a Disney Princess

Would you have known? Only Disney heroines from animated films can become an official Disney Princess of the Disney Princess Line, who are either royal by birth, become a princess by marriage in the course of their film, or correspond to a "true princess" in their actions and character. What is important for a Disney princess is not necessarily her royal status, but how royal she behaves. In addition to the eight original Disney Princesses, three more princesses have been added over the last few years, so that there are now eleven official Disney Princesses in the Princess Line. The Princess Line Princesses receive a lot of attention in marketing and merchandising. Dolls, figures, costumes, series, games: The Princesses are represented everywhere.

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