Yes, you might been cursed

There are some signs indicating that you might be cursed. However, cursed are extraordinary rare. That being said, you are most likely NOT being cursed or hexed.

How do you break the curse?

If you’re suffering from a weak curse, fear not. The fact that you have discovered this means it’s already broken! These curses are created by amateurs, and the moment someone understands that a curse has been placed on them, it breaks. Simple!

If you’re suffering from a slightly strong curse, all you need to do is ride it out. Placing a curse on someone requires a large amount of negative energy from the curser, so if you can just withstand it, it will end up destroying that person instead.

If you’re suffering from a strong curse, then you need to visit a shrine or power spot. These holy places will dispel the bad energy and cleanse you of all harm.

The most important thing is to not feed the fear!