Drushi is an earnest and somewhat gruff person. He originally served King Bosse directly as the King’s Spear, but was later reassigned to guard the new Queen Jiling. Initially upset by this, Drushi was given the opportunity to decide whether or not Jiling was worth defending, and if he decided she wasn’t Bosse would reconsider his position.

Though initially put off by Jiling’s brusque personality, Drushi quickly realized that the young queen was just awkward around other people, and actually cared deeply for those around her. When later questioned by Bosse as to his decision, Drushi informed him that Jiling was worth defending, something he believes is true of everyone. Bosse took this as confirmation that Drushi was too soft-hearted to be the King’s Spear, and was better-suited to guarding Jiling.

Though he cannot be said to be close with Jiling, or have a friendship with her, Drushi deeply respects the queen and in turn she trusts and relies on him.