In contrast to his unsavory appearance and demeanor, Bebin is extremely loyal to the Kingdom of Bosse and all members of Bosse’s family.

Bebin is also acquainted with the triple-headed snake Mitsumata, and seems to be the one who nursed it back to health after Queen Jiling saved its life. He also seems to have given it (as well as its children) a place in the Bosse Kingdom. The triple-headed snake feels it owes a great debt to Bebin.

Bebin serves as the Bosse Kingdom’s spymaster, and was the first to catch wind of a plot to kill Prince Bojji. He is both clever and merciless in the role, using Mitsumata’s children as his informants and enforcers. However, he is not particularly bloodthirsty, and was more than willing to accept Kage as Bojji’s secret bodyguard once he verified that the young shadow was truly Bojji’s friend.

Many of Bebin’s recent actions seem to have been motivated by a premonition from Mitsumata, the giant snake that serves him. Bebin is extremely fond of Mitsumata and its children, and takes their counsel seriously.

Similar to Dormas’ relationship with Bojji, Bebin is probably the member of Bosse’s court closest to Prince Daida, and immediately supported Daida to be Bosse’s successor. Though little has been shown of their relationship, Daida seems to trust Bebin far more deeply than any of the other Heavenly Kings.