Apis is the most enigmatic member of the Four Heavenly Kings. Like Bebin he appears to have started as a Bosse Kingdom guardsman who was later elevated to a Heavenly King, but the circumstances surrounding this are highly mysterious.

What is known is that Apis is almost fanatically loyal to King Bosse himself, and treats his monarch’s word as law. He is one of two council members to choose Bojji as Bosse’s successor, seemingly solely because Bosse decided so in his will.

However, Apis does not seem to have any particular loyalty to any other member of Bosse’s family, or the Bosse Kingdom itself, and initially quit his role as a Heavenly King after Daida’s ascension to the throne.

Apis seems to be familiar with the current strange events surrounding King Daida, and is the only character (apart from King Bosse) who is acquainted with the mysterious Lady Miranjo. She seems to have some hand in Apis’ rise to the Heavenly Kings, and thus commands some loyalty from him,