67% Of Chihuahua Owners Fail This Simple Chihuahua Quiz! Can You Pass It?

Welcome to the Chihuahua quiz.


Chihuahuas are a very popular dog breed and there are dedicated Chihuahua lovers around the globe. There are several reasons why this dog breed is so popular among dog owners. To begin with, it is a lot of personality in a very small size of a dog. In this quiz, we will be looking at 14 facts every Chihuahua enthusiast should know. Some of these facts are well known, but other quiz questions will make you think at least twice. We will present one single photo for each question and correct answer, though answering all of them correctly will be up to you!


Take this quiz about Chihuahuas and find out how much you know about them!


This is a medium difficulty quiz that has 14 questions about Chihuahuas.