Kibbe Body Types Quiz

13 Kibbe Body Types - Which one are you?

Kibbe Body Types Quiz – UPDATED 2021 – David Kibbe Test

Figuring out your body type helps with acceptance and appreciation of your body and enhances confidence. It also makes it easy to identify the silhouettes and style better to look the best. One of the most popular ways to classify body types was introduced by David Kibbe in the 1980s. The Kibbe Body Types is a classification system based on the physical characteristics of the individual. In this post, we introduce the Kibbe Body Types Quiz that helps identify your body type easily by answering a few simple questions. We talk about the David Kibbe Test and discuss how it works.

Kibbe Body Types Quiz – UPDATED 2021

The Kibbe Body Types is a set of 13 body types that vary depending on the Yin and Yang characteristics (feminine and masculine) that apply to height, bone structure and facial features. Each individual falls into one of the 13 types falling somewhere in a spectrum along two axes – Yin/Yang and Contrast/Blended. What makes the Kibbe Body Types system unique is that it comes with guidelines covering different elements of personal appearance including hair, makeup and clothing. Rather than trying to achieve symmetry like other systems, Kibbe focuses on achieving harmony by embracing one’s natural body type. Kibbe also emphasizes taking a holistic approach to physical appearance and not following fashion trends. Instead of trying to correct the elements, this system suggests embracing the lines and silhouettes co-ordinating with the body.

The Kibbe body types quiz aims to help you figure out your Kibbe body type. It is based on the suggestions from Kibbe’s book ‘Metamorphosis’. To start with the test, you should first analyze your body by taking a picture in undergarments or a swimsuit. If you don’t want to take a picture, you can use a mirror for the test. Have a handy piece of paper to write down the answers to all the questions in the quiz.

David Kibbe Test – How It Works?

The David Kibbe Test presents you with a set of questions across three sections and gives you some options to choose your answers. For each question under the section, you select the answer that best describes the characteristic described in the question. Your picture or mirror should help you answer the questions easily and correctly.

Once you have the set of answers for each of the sections, you can take a look at the suggestions to identify your body type. Depending on your answer choices, your body type falls into one of the five families. Further analysis of the answers corresponding to the features gives you the exact body type you have. The test tells you which of the 13 body types from the Kibbe classification you fall into.

David Kibbe Metamorphosis Test

David Kibbe is an image consultant who introduced a new method of categorizing body types. He published the book ‘Metamorphosis’ in 1987 as a women’s style guide and personal image. In this book, David introduces the theory of Kibbe body types that suggests that each body is a blend of Yang (masculine) and Yin (feminine) features. The masculine features are angular, large, sharp elements while the feminine features are delicate, small, soft and round.

The David Kibbe Metamorphosis test is a quiz based on the theories and explanations in this book. The test contains a set of questions related to height, facial features and bone structure. Answering the questions gives you a score for each section which you can use to check your body type. This test should make it easy to find out what body type category you fall into.

13 Body Types – Which One Are You?

According to the Kibbe system, there are five body type families with variations in terms of height, bone structure and weight, giving a total of 13 body types covering a huge variety of individuals. The five main body types give you a good overall idea of the type of body you have and styling suggestions. However, knowing which of the 13 body types you are helps you make the right styling choices catering to your frame.

The Kibbe Body Types quiz should help you identify where on the spectrum your body type falls depending on your physical features. Let us try to understand the 13 body types in the Kibbe system.


This family of body types has two further categories:

Romantic – A woman with a romantic body type has Yin-dominant flesh, skeleton and facial features with no sign of Yang.

Theatrical Romantic – This is much like romantic but has some sharpness to the bones and less width. The skeleton, facial features and body flesh have a mix of strong Yin and mild Yang.


This body type family has two categories:

Dramatic – When talking about the dramatic body type, the person has features that are angular, sharp, intimidating and masculine.

Soft dramatic – This body type is like dramatic but with delicate flesh or facial features.


The Classics family consists of three different body types:

Classic – The most symmetrical Kibbe body type, the classic has a mix of features distributed evenly around flesh, face and bone structure.

Soft Classic – This body type has added softness in the facial features like round eyes, complete lips and soft cheeks.

Dramatic Classic – This body type is different from classic in that the flesh and facial features are classic while the bone structure has some masculine touch.


The Natural family of body types can be further classified into three: Natural – A rare body type like Classic, Natural has Yang features across the bone structure, face and flesh.

Soft Natural – This body type is Natural with a little Yin. The person has smoother curves, more facial features and more flesh.

Flamboyant Natural – It is natural with straighter, more angular, bigger features giving a feel of Yang.


The last of the body type families, Gamines has three body type categories:

Gamine – A mix of Yin and Yang features.

Soft Gamine – A gamine with a mix of Yin and Yang but a little more Yin in the flesh.

Flamboyant Gamine – In this body type, the focus is on Yang with a mixture of Yin and Yang features.

The Kibbe body type quiz should make it easy to find out accurately which of the 13 body types you fall into and give you a suggestion for hair, makeup and styling. Kibbe Body Type Test With Pictures