am i asexual quiz

how do i know if im asexual

Those who are asexual are not necessarily uptight and shy. They just have no desire for sex. Whether you are also asexually predisposed or simply have a lustless phase, you will find out in our test.

What is asexuality

By asexuality, one understands someone who permanently feels no desire for sex and does not perceive the missing libido as a deficiency. However, there is no fixed scientific definition. Therefore everyone has to judge for himself whether he or she is asexually predisposed or not.

Sometimes it is also just a phase in which one does not feel any desire for sex. Or you rarely feel like having sex or hardly ever find people physically attractive. In women, the lustlessness can also be hormonal. Especially when taking the pill, many women report a loss of their libido. However, this does not make you the same asexual. It is also essential to know that there are different types of asexuality. Some women do have a libido but only have sex with themselves. Some have relationships, feel love for their partner, but have no desire for sex, but they do kiss even though they are asexual. And still, others cannot even fall in love and have only platonic friendships with other people. And some asexual people find sex basically unpleasant.

How common is asexuality?

The frequency of asexuality in the general population is unknown. According to a survey commissioned by Bogaert in the year 2004, approximately 1% of the population stated that they had never felt sexually attracted to another person at any time.  

How do I know if I am asexual?

Asexual or not: The test can help you to assess yourself better. To assess you better, we have prepared a test with which you will find out a tendency. Just answer the following questions and find out how far your listlessness goes and if you are possibly asexual.

No result is bad or worrying as long as you feel good about yourself. And: This test can only show a tendency. If you seriously suffer from feeling asexual, you should seek the advice of a professional. The first place to go is your gynecologist. He or she can clarify whether your listlessness may have physical causes and discuss further procedure with you.