Which Cyberpunk Edgerunners Character are you?

Welcome to the quiz that will help you find out which Cyberpunk: Edgerunners character is the most similar to yours! We took a close look at the characters from the Netflix series and analyzed their personalities. Then we've chosen questions whose honest answers will give you a rough idea of your personality. At the end we will see which character has the most overlaps with your personality. Have fun!

What is Cyberpunk: Edgerunners about?

The cyberpunk spin off Edgerunners is standalone 10-episode long story about about David, who comes from the impoverished district of Santo Domingo. Thanks to his mother, who does everything to give him a better future than her, David manages to get into Arasaka Academy. The street kid David gets in trouble with the elite students of the Arasak Academy and it doesn't take long until David is expelled from the school because of a fight. While still trying to figure out where he can get enough money for rent and medication, he accidentally meets Lucy, a netrunner who not only steals from Arasaka employees, but also works with a group of mercenaries, the Cyberpunks. David wants to prove himself to the gang - even if it means constantly risking his life.