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Poodle Quiz

Welcome to the Poodle Quiz.


Many know him as a star in perfect pose at the dog show, but this fun-loving poodle is anything but a fashion dog! Because he is a real all-rounder for all situations in life and a faithful and loving companion. Celebrities like Ludwig van Beethoven, Thomas Mann, Winston Churchill or Marilyn Monroe, were once happy owners of these beautiful dogs and appreciated them. Do you want to know why he is the ideal dog for the family and even for responsible dog jobs? This Poodle Quiz will show you!


Take this poodle quiz and find out if you are real Poodle Lover!


This is a medium difficulty quiz that has 10 questions about Poodles.


The Origin of the poodle

The poodle probably originally comes from France and is one of the most popular dog breeds in Germany today! One of the ancestors of the poodle could be the water dog, but also the descent, from a herding dog, is possible. In the beginning, poodles were retrieving joyful hunting dogs, which were trained for hunting in water. It is assumed that the name "Pudel" is derived from the old German words "puddeln", which means to splash in the water, and "Pfudel", which means "water puddle". A clear reference to his original job as a hunting dog when he was still retrieving waterfowl. The breed name is derived from an old German term for "puddle" - meaning "splashing in the water". This is a clear reference to his original job as a hunting dog when he was still retrieving waterfowl. At the end of the 19th century, he was then discovered by the "high society". His ability to present himself elegantly made him popular with the ladies of the nobility and bourgeoisie. So he developed with his beautiful nature more and more to a fashionable companion dog. The poodle has a lot more to offer - but his look is really unique. Athletic physique, narrow muzzle, drooping ears and high tail - he is simple, a beautiful appearance. His coat is fine, woolly, dense and curled - and very soft. Mostly it is solid black, white, brown, grey, apricot or reddish. And you can hardly believe it: it does not shed. This makes it a dog suitable for allergic people. Before one began with the systematic breeding, there was the poodle only as a big and, small poodle whose fur dress was black, white or brown. Soon one began to breed also the today known, smaller varieties of this dog.The poodle radiates its irresistible charm in four different sizes: The largest is the large poodle or king poodle, which reaches up to 60 cm shoulder height and weighs up to 25 kilos. The smallest - the Toypoodel - on the other hand, is only about 24 to 28 cm tall and at 2 to 4 kilos is a real lightweight. And in between are the toy poodle and the dwarf poodle. But no matter what size: they are all fun! The company of the playful and lively four-legged friend is very pleasant and refreshing because they have a really great character. With an irresistible mixture of intelligence, charm, eagerness to work, friendliness and sociability, the poodle is a great partner and excellent family dog. As he does not show any dominating behaviour, his upbringing is not complicated. The poodle also gets along well with children, as he sees them as playfellows and does not compete with them. He loves his humans and wants to be everywhere. He is compatible with other dogs but prefers to be kept as a single dog. The brilliant darling is devoted to its owner or the family circle with the whole soul and empathy, which can sometimes take on possessive traits. He is also known for his show talent: The poodle simply loves to please and to get recognition. Because he is so docile, he is often used as a guide and protection dog or as a sniffer and rescue dog. With this good-natured and clever dog, you will feel very comfortable in all situations! And accordingly, simple is his attitude.


How to take proper care of a poodle?

The poodle is easy to educate and simply goes along with everything. Power behaviour or stubbornness is totally foreign to him. But of course, he must be fully occupied and needs a lot of exercises. His urge to move is best satisfied by regular walks, so he feels comfortable even in a city apartment. The main thing is not to get bored! Because of his origin, he loves the intensive contact with water. Swimming, wading or retrieving in every pond, no matter how small, makes him happy all around. Use his joy of life for active leisure time. He loves to fetch - or how about jogging, agility or obedience? And you can win a beauty prize with the right care. The pretty curly coat of the poodle needs special attention. Occasional grooming is not enough here. You have to brush the dog every day and even bathe it regularly. This way, you can better control the rather fast-growing wool. Occasional grooming is not enough here. You have to brush the dog daily and even bathe it regularly. That way you can better control the rather fast-growing wool - and you should also shear or trim it every two months. This requires practice or an experienced dog groomer is recommended. How much could you tell about curly beauties? Take this Poodle Quiz and find it out!

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