The Ultimate Quiz On German Shepherds

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German Shepherd Quiz


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This is a medium difficulty quiz that has 5 questions about German Shepherds.


Hardly any other working animal is as well known as the German shepherd dog. There is a reason for this: this friendly four-legged friend is incredibly versatile and docile. The German Shepherd Dog comes, as its name suggests, from Germany. More precisely, from Dresden: The breeding pioneer Captain Max von Stephanitz developed the breed from stock and short-haired herding dogs and set the first standard of the breed in 1891. The aim was to breed a robust and intelligent working dog that could not only herd sheep, but also guard the shepherd's property. And this succeeded! Today the German Shepherd counts to the most popular dog breeds worldwide. Beauty ideals were secondary in breeding - but they are really beautiful animals. And this is what they look like: What a coat! The German Shepherd has stock hair from two layers. No matter if long or short top coat, it has a dense undercoat. And that's what counts: It protects the dog in heat and cold, but also in rain and snow. In the breed standard different colours are represented: Most common is black with reddish-brown, brown and yellow markings or solid black and grey. Especially typical is the black saddle which can be seen on many representatives of the breed. White shepherd dogs are by the way a separate breed. The appearance of the rather large and muscular dog lets one infer its nature: The popular German Shepherd does not only look robust, he also has an equally robust nerve and self-confidence - that's how the German Shepherd is known. Not for nothing is he a popular guard dog. Even more famous is his appearance as a police and tracking dog. Because he is intelligent and willing to work, he can be trained so well for the protection service. But also in the private sector he is appreciated for his ability to learn and his obedience. He is a real all-rounder and very loyal soul, which stands obediently and protectively by your side. He is an excellent companion and family dog who will go through thick and thin with you. And with other dogs? That also works great: He likes the company of conspecifics and is actually well compatible with all breeds. The prerequisite for this is, of course, that he is well-balanced and well-behaved - and this brings us to his attitude. The German Shepherd is not a dog for beginners! He needs a consequent education and a master or mistress, who keeps the upper hand. Otherwise it can happen that he does not subordinate himself and develops an oversized prey instinct. With his size, strength and energy, this can be a real problem. You need patience, Empathy, praise and treats and then the education of your willing to learn sheepdog works best. When he's busy, he's the best buddy! You can do that with a lot of exercise. You can use his joy of work for an active leisure time. The sheepdog loves to play and is happy about a stimulating activity. With his special fur, he could also be kept outside. And this brings us to the subject of care. His coat is extremely dense, but still the grooming is uncomplicated. You should brush, comb and maybe also trim your sheepdog from time to time. Then his stock hair will always remain beautiful. All that remains is a thorough dental care, which you can support with chewing articles,- and your faithful friend will be one of the most beautiful of his kind.

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